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2015-04-09 16:26:05 by Captain-Ganto

Sorry about last week, work and health concerns slowed me down greatly, and I wasn't able to finish it in time. So IMO Episode 5 is out a week late, fear not, I've already lashed myself acordingly.


2015-03-30 13:15:19 by Captain-Ganto

Has vanished. as the scores of 2-4 increased as more people watched me, more people moved on to 1 and cruxified its score more and more, so its done.

That was a ball ache

2015-03-19 22:07:01 by Captain-Ganto

But goddamnit i got there in the end. this whole week has been a shower of delays and issues slowing me down. but IMO3 is now out

Well Goddamn

2015-03-12 22:09:39 by Captain-Ganto

Looks like i can animate a whole episode in a week. guess i don't have an excuse not to do it weekly from now on

adapt or die

2015-03-09 21:31:29 by Captain-Ganto

So IMO under performed, but the feed back was good. Im thinking perhaps people quit in the first 30 seconds because of the mic quality and down voted, but those that stayed voted high, because they muscled through the bad audio. Im making this a weekly thing, so don't fear, the new episode will be out on thursday, with much better Audio.

So yeah, turns out i like to animate as well as make games, so I present the first in what i hope to be a long ass series

Razor Hand 2: 50% there!

2015-03-03 14:21:41 by Captain-Ganto

Ok, so razorhand one was submitted in the first couple of days on january, esentially meaning that ive had 2 months to work on razor hand. meaning in 2 months time the game will essentially be finished. then give me two weeks for all the cut scenes and death animations. at the same time remember that in 2 months ive had work concerns and other projects, meaning i can estimate y'all will have the sequel in about 2 months if i really work my tits off.

So the level desing of razorhand varied from obnoxious to really clever and well made, but the graphics got worse and worse with each level. im happy to say that won't be the case with razor hand 2. there will be 6x6 levels, and the first 6 stages are complete, both in design and in graphics. the problem was that although i loved building the levels, i hated doing graphics for them by the end, but the new system of going level by level means ill never get bored

Razor Hand 2

2015-01-23 20:56:12 by Captain-Ganto

So a general impression, I learned that Razor Hand could have claimed a place in the upper ranks of flash games, if it weren't for the problems in the engine. i can sya those have not only been fixed, but greatly improved upon, and will have teasers to show you soon.

It took an awfully long time, a lot of complications both medical and personal served to slow me down, but I am honestly proud to present my game, Razor Hand: Spider Queen. I hope you all have as much fun as I did making it, and hopfully It will do well enough to justify further games